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Relocation Services


We have a thorough knowledge of all logistics involved in a relocation project. This is the one phase when experience cannot be underestimated. Let our expert Project Managers and Relocation Team orchestrate a monitored relocation plan with every required detail.


We offer:


Dedicated Project Managers and Relocation Team

Dedicated Technical Resources

Mission Critical Maintenance - Critical Services are available during your move and reinstallation

All required Insurance 

Post Support & Maintenance Services


AVTG has been helping companies of all sizes competently move and transition into new office locations.  Whether it be 10 seats or 1000, one server or a data center, we have experienced it all, white glove from Manhattan to Montauk.

Relocation Services

Organized and Efficient


Office relocation projects can take a massive amount of planning and resources and knowledge of the process is imperative. We’ve worked with numerous companies throughout the tri-state area, making the relocation as smooth and painless as possible. We will work with your IT staff, building manager(s) and/or team leaders to coordinate all aspects of your technology needs. Planning in advance will secure a smooth move. This makes it easier for the unforeseen challenge that may present itself. Our goal is to understand your requirements and develop a plan that will achieve a smooth transition and meet both your technological and economical goals.

Since most companies don’t move very often, we understand that management and staff alike may not have the necessary experience and knowledge in this arena. We can provide valuable service as our expert project managers have the skill and knowledge necessary. Whether you need us to coordinate with other vendors that will be working with you or making sure your ISP is in synch with your move, we've got this covered. There are several important factors that require experienced planning. Let us share our many years of experience to help you achieve a successful transition of your offices.  Call us. We are glad to assist in any aspect you may need.


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