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Platinum Executive Support


Working with Fortune 500 companies for over the last 20 years has given us insight on what it takes to support Executives on all levels. Whether working from their home office, remotely or abroad, the need to be connected is paramount.


We provide follow the sun, round-the-clock support for executives at their home offices or remote locations (on the road, hotel, etc.). 

Platinum Executive Support

We persist until problem(s) are resolved. Our stellar program includes:


  • Customized phone Hot-line for Executives with personalized greeting

  • Personalized Service - Technicians familiar with Executive's platform

  • Service available 365 days, 24 / 7, guaranteed 4-hour response

  • Guaranteed phone response within 15 minutes

  • Guaranteed 4-hour on-site response (within region) if issue is not resolved remotely

  • Automatic reporting back to designated contact

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