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Technology is frequently mis-configured or mis-managed, which in turn introduces points of weakness into the organization. New cyber threats are constantly developed, putting your network security to the test and your organization under attack. Too many times companies don't fully understand the potential financial losses associated to a cybercrime event. Many simply don’t have the resources, expertise or desire to take a proactive approach to information security and will only discover their vulnerabilities and begin to truly secure their environment once an attack has occurred. 


Advanced Vision Technology Group has been working diligently through testing, validation and investing in several new technologies and tools that will help us provide you with an up to date and accurate assessment when evaluating your infrastructure. This is a major function of our Managed Security Service offerings.


Our suite of Managed Security Services allows you to focus on your day-to-day operations while our team of security experts manage the critical components of your organization's security posture. 

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