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Managed Services


Imagine never having to worry about the health, security or reliability of your computer network. 

Regardless of the size of your business or the number of servers you have, if you have a network you need all the same things that a large business needs. Internet connectivity, firewalls, server(s), software licenses, switches, virus protection, backups, patch management, desktop support and the list goes on and on.

Instead of paying premium hourly rates to fight fires after something goes wrong, more and more companies are using Managed Service Providers and not paying for IT support by the hour or taking on the burden of salaried IT employees. When billing labor hourly, IT companies are forced to do only what is necessary to resolve the immediate issue, rather than looking at the big picture. This allows the root causes to go unnoticed until they become so large and unmanageable, that fixing them is often expensive and obtrusive. 

Advanced Vision Technology Group provides Managed Services IT Support on a flat-rate, monthly basis or what we call Flat Fee IT. This method places the responsibility of maintaining stable and well documented client networks firmly in our hands. Because we charge the same amount monthly, regardless of how long we spend maintaining your network, we cannot afford to only partially resolve issues, as they will resurface, costing us money.


Managed Services

 Benefits of Managed Services

  • Peace of mind , focus on your business, not IT management

  • 24/7/365 service coverage

  • Flexible service levels and pricing

  • Flat Fee IT predictable monthly expenses, no surprises

  • Highly experienced team with network infrastructure expertise

  • Proactive approach to avoid/minimize problems

  • Fast problem resolution

What Are Managed Services?

Managed Services are a set of proactive, recurring activities designed to maximize your IT uptime, improve your firms overall productivity and reduce costly failures in your IT infrastructure. Reacting to problems as they occur, no matter how quickly, is not maintenance. It is ALWAYS more expensive to be reactive when the opportunity to be proactive was available. 

Take your car; proper maintenance of your automobile includes regular checking of fluids, inspecting and replacing brakes and tires, replacing worn belts and wiper blades and so on. Failing to proactively maintain your vehicle will eventually cause a failure and leave you stranded or broken down on the side of the road.

Managed Services lets you offload routine, yet vital IT infrastructure monitoring and management functions so you can focus on your business. As a Managed Services Provider, we function as an extension of your business, providing proactive services that help prevent problems before they happen and fix them quickly and effectively when they do happen- minimizing the impact on your business operations.

Our team of engineers have a wide range of skills and certifications. Unlike a single employee, we can bring the talents of our full staff and our partners' staff whenever you need that specialized skill set. We can provide the right expertise WHEN you need it whether it be for a day, a week or longer. 

Managed Services is a great solution for most small and medium sized businesses. With AVTG, you access highly skilled people without the growing expense of maintaining an in-house staff of IT personnel. We believe that you should focus on your core business, reduce costs, increase profitability and win new customers.



The Problem With Hourly Billing

Paying for IT support on an hourly basis can sometimes be compared to a bad gambling habit. Businesses keep dumping more and more money on the table waiting for their luck to turn. The reality is that this method of reactive IT support is self defeating and sooner or later both sides lose. 

When billing labor hourly, IT companies are often forced to do only what is necessary to resolve the immediate issue rather than looking at the big picture. This allows the root causes of many issues to go unnoticed until they become so large and unmanageable that resolution is possible only through a costly and intrusive overhaul.

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