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Managed Security Services


Protect your business from security breaches, business disruption and data loss. The right policies, permissions and security controls may help you avoid these complications. In addition, having these controls can help you manage security compliance requirements, protect customer and shareholder confidence as well as trust. AVTG’s Managed Security Services can help guide you through the complex tasks of securing your business.

Managed Security Services

Our Managed Security Services help you secure your infrastructure, both in the cloud and on premises. The cloud-based offering enables us to provide and maintain virtual devices without the need to invest in hardware and software on site and includes firewall monitoring, intrusion detection and intrusion prevention monitoring. With the on-premises option, we have the ability to monitor and manage a wide variety of security devices located within your premises.


Our Managed Security Services offerings are backed by teams of security experts with years of experiences dealing with potential breaches and threats.

Some of our Security features include:


  • Manage your security infrastructure, freeing you to focus on other tasks

  • Real Time Monitoring  24/7/365 of your network for potential threats, attacks and intrusions via our S.O.C. (Security Operating Center)

  • Maintain a secure IT infrastructure with improved insights about possible risks

  • Proactively recognize vulnerabilities and prioritize threats to better allocate resources across your infrastructure

  • Build consistency and standards for how threats are managed across your organization

  • Emerging threat feeds from around the world stopping new known threats without having to discover them ourselves


      And many more…………

To learn more or discuss how we help your Security Posture please calls us

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