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IT Business Assessment


Creating a Strategic Roadmap to achieve your IT Goals


Technology decisions have a long term effect on your business.  Your technical and economic goals are easy to achieve once you have a baseline and a roadmap to follow. With a comprehensive IT assessment, you will have a better understanding of where you are today which in turn allows us to formulate a roadmap to achieve your goals. The Network Assessment process is based on industry-wide best practices for network health, performance and security.  This is why we believe this approach offers our clients the best platform with which to begin, no matter what industry.


IT Business Assessment & Strategy

A well-designed plan can help your company run more efficiently today and provide a strategy for the future. Our systematic approach to help you visualize your technology goals, determine your technology posture, create your technology blueprint and prioritize and implement changes will reduce your IT costs while improving productivity and efficiency.

Our IT Business Assessment document includes:


  • Assessment of your current Network Infrastructure

  • Detailed Network Diagram

  • In depth analysis of your network

  • Full detailed  inventory of all PCs, servers and peripherals on your network

  • Identify 3 levels of recommendations – High, Medium and Low

  • Prioritizes required remediation in Phases

  • Implement Changes

  • Review hardware redundancy

  • Review data backup procedures

  • Recommend Cost-Reducing Strategies

  • Discuss sun setting / End-Of-Life Equipment - upgrade / replacement

  • Develop a Scheduled Maintenance Program

  • Discuss a Business Continuity  and  Disaster Recovery Plan

Let our years of experience go to work for you. Please call us to discuss. 

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