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Help Desk Support


Having happy and productive end users is one of the most challenging issues facing IT departments and business owners. Personal Computers, Smart Devices, Email, Internet and BYOD have made the business environment literally 24/7. Expectations are higher than ever for availability and accessibility to your IT infrastructure. 


Managing these expectations requires a combination of the right people and the right technologies to support your users. The smallest issue can escalate into an enormous problem because of the way a computer support specialist handles the issue, not just from a technical perspective but from poor communications or expectation setting. 

Help Desk Support

Advanced Vision Technology Group has a team of help desk support professionals and system engineers that can support your users in a competent, friendly and supportive manner. We focus on clarity, avoiding technical jargon with your users and when appropriate, educate them on how to avoid the problem in the future. 


Our engineers have the latest secure remote access tools to support remote or traveling users. All that is needed is access to the Internet and we are able to support users who are not physically in your office.


Learn why major companies rely on us to support their executives as well as their staff.

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