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Cloud Solutions


Cloud Computing takes on many forms, has a different meaning to different people and it can be confusing. Let us help you demystify the cloud and help you understand the best way for you to begin leveraging cloud as part of your IT strategy. There are numerous benefits as well as pitfalls that surround moving to the cloud.


Many vendors will have you believing that moving to the cloud should be a leap of faith. It should not be. Your business depends on you to make smart and calculated decisions.


Cloud Solutions

The reality is that most adopters of cloud technologies end up with a hybrid solution, leveraging both on-premise and cloud based systems. They then realize, whether those systems are in-house, in the cloud or both, that they still need those systems to be managed so they can focus on their business.


As an early adopter of cloud services, AVTG has its own Private Virtual Data Center solution called Networks on Demand. The flexible architecture of our Networks on Demand platform allows us to partner with a number of cloud service providers allowing us to combine and leverage best-of-breed public, private and hybrid cloud solutions for our clients. This allows us to custom craft a solution that will address your business challenges while avoiding the usual pitfalls of entering into the cloud.

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