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Back Up and Disaster Recovery


Want a rock-solid, reliable approach to backing up your mission critical data? Our Data Protection Plan is a proven solution and eliminates the risk of data loss and includes three 3 critical features: 


1. Hassle-free remote local and offsite backup

2. Business continuity 

3. Disaster recovery


No business backup solution is complete without these three features. 

Back Up and Disaster Recovery

Hassle-Free Backup


Our Data Protection Plan (DPP) solution provides local and off-site backups using a specialized robust server (DPU) with high level redundancy. Faster and more reliable than tradational forms, the DPP solution will back up every 15 minutes so you never have to worry about long periods of time between backups. All of your data and applications are backed up automatically which eliminates the need to purchase costly agent software. The DPP also features Turbo Restore which allows the full restoration of a file, folder, exchange mailbox or even a single email in minutes.


Business Continuity


If one of your servers crashes or goes down, the DPU will be standing-by, ready to quickly be provisioned to temporarily take over in place of the failed server with all of your applications, data and settings available in about two (2) hours. Compare that to the one to two days it typically takes to recover when using an older antiquated backup system. This Server Stand-By feature enables the highest possible levels of business continuity in the event of a downed or failed server. Business decisions made during the heat of a disaster may not be the best decision in the long run. The Data Protection Plan will provide you a rapid recovery; buying you the precious time needed to design and execute your recovery plan.


Disaster Recovery


To complete the solution, the DPP also includes off-site backup to two (2) SSAE 16 certified high availability data centers, meaning that a safe copy of your data always exists. In the event of an emergency that disables or destroys your local backup or location(s), off-site copies of your data ensures a quick and pain free disaster recovery solution. When it comes time to restore the Stand-By server to a new server, our Bare Metal Restore (BMR) process allows restorations to new hardware in a fraction of the time it takes to build a new server. This feature will save your business thousands of dollars.


Best of all, the Data Protection Plan is a fully monitored and managed solution. Your DPU and backups are monitored 24/7/365 by the AVTG's Network Operations Center. Our team of engineers are constantly watching to make sure your data is being backed up as planned. 



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