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Big Announcement from our President, Sam Ruggeri

Sometimes a name matters. Today, security means so much more. As of 

August 1st, 2018, we have merged with our sister company based out of South Florida, SLPowers, and with our strategic partner True Digital Security based out of Tulsa, Oklahoma, a leading security consulting firm in the governance, risk management and compliance space. We’ve decided to collectively form a new company called True Digital Security, Inc. to emphasize our commitment to making security a priority. In the process, we have redesigned ourselves into a new and more complete company to better meet the entirety of our clients' IT and security needs, and in so doing, we are changing the industry.  


From the beginning, we set out to do something different. In our early years, we revolutionized the managed IT industry by promising results. Our IT Assurance and Data Protection Plan represented a novel approach. We were committed not only to the execution of technology services, but also to our clients' success. All this while never taking your goodwill and confidence in us for granted. 


We maintained our relationships as your trusted IT business partners and stayed true to our collaborative goals with you. We optimized our services in the era of managing technology to maximize your company’s uptime and recommended only what was needed to solve a concern. We did not promote new technology merely to make a sale. We also informed you about security and compliance by enabling our clients through assurance and clarity when the rest of the industry was pushing fear, uncertainty, and doubt. We thrived by guiding our clients through the confusing and rapidly shifting minefields of technology along with managing threats and regulations putting you into a confident posture of well-managed risk and in some cases compliance.


Now, we enable connected enterprises, large and small. We deliver fully engineered IT offerings, including cloud adoption strategies and real-time NOC and SOC monitoring solutions, to empower our clients while seamlessly and transparently addressing their unique security and compliance profiles. We enlist our world-class security validation and testing services to ensure that our controls and our clients' controls are consistently functioning as designed. Finally, our IT governance services provide our clients with the visibility they need to ensure that their systems, controls, and risk are well-managed and aligned with the needs of their organizations and that of their clients. 


Our new vision is to protect and empower a connected world. We are working on a grand scale. We are changing the world of IT, governance, and information security because we believe our clients' success depends upon it, and that is what truly matters to us. We measure our success by theirs, and through our long-term partnerships, their stories become ours.



Warm personal regards, 

True Digital Security

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